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In our Orthopedic Center Arabellapark Munich, orthopedic specialists focus on treating the patient with the complex knowledge of the whole spectrum. These medical treatments are based on continues education and the experience gained through long years of clinical experience, and the ongoing exchange within specialized societies as well as other medical areas. Based on this we are able to treat common medical problems using the latest treatments with regular follow up as well as rare or very severe illnesses.

Center for foot & ankle


Arthroscopic and minimal invasive surgery

Total joint replacement of the hip, knee and ankle joint

Spezialized in

Orthopedic foot and ankle surgery
Pediatric orthopedics
Hallux valgus, hammertoes
Joint preserving surgical therapy
Cavus- and flatfoot
Total replacement of the ankle joint (STAR)
Diseases, deformity and injuries of the pediatric, adolescent and adult foot


Orthopedic therapy and consulting service

Pain therapy
Sports medicine
Physical therapy
Podiatric foot care
Orthopedic supplies and inserts


Center for Spine

Spinal therapy
non- operative treatment of spinal diseases
bracing treatment for scoliosis
minimally invasive injection therapy
endoscopic and microscopic spinal surgery
operations of the cervical disc herniation
total disc replacement
minimally invasive spinal fusion
dynamic stabilisation of the spine
Kyphoplasty for patients with spine fractures
Spinal fusion, spondylodesis
corrective spondylodesis
spondylodesis for fractures, tumors and infections



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