OCM – Orthopedic surgery Center Munich


The Orthopedic surgery Center Munich (OCM) – including its affiliated private clinic – is one of the largest and most modern medical centers in Germany.
Our team consists of 22 highly specialized orthopedists and surgeons, of whom 16 perform operations, 10 are salaried specialists and junior doctors, 50 are doctor’s assistants and 20 are technical surgery assistants.
Our mission is to offer our patients comprehensive and thorough diagnosis, alongside excellent surgical competence for caring for conditions of the hip, knee and ankle joints. We strive for the best possible surgical outcomes for our patients.
The OCM brand is synonymous with sound technical expertise combined with the ultra-modern technology, backed by a personal commitment to our patients within a comfortable hospital infrastructure. All of this guarantees highly qualified, humane care on the cutting edge of medicine. Our physicians accompany you, starting from your complete diagnostic workup up to surgery and through to your postoperative care.
Since October 25, 2012 the OCM and its affiliated private inpatient clinic “Sana Klinik Sendling” in Munich have been certified by ClarCert as a maximum care arthroplasty center (EPZ). We are proud to have co-developed and implemented this new quality initiative.



OCM Klinik GmbH
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81369 München

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