Hotel Carlsbad Plaza


The Carlsbad Plaza creates a safe and pleasant atmosphere, professional service, luxurious accommodation, a wide range of services and excellent restaurants. The awards for the highest standards of the hotel are the five-star review called “Superior” and the inclusion in the group of the most prestigious hotels in the world “The Leading Hotels of the World”.

At the thermal water fountain directly in the hotel lobby, you can take a sip from the famous healing water of Karlovy Vary. If you are among the lucky ones who do not need to worry about physical ailments, but come to Karlovy Vary for its lush green landscapes, confident beauty, and for its atmosphere and mysterious corners, we recommend you spend a gourmet evening at our French chef Pierre Leotard in the restaurant La Boheme. You can also peek under the lid of the cooking pan of the Asian cuisine in the hotel restaurant Sweet Orient , or cozy up with a good drink next to the fireplace, accompanied by our hotel band, to round off the evening at the Old Times bar. You can try your luck at the Carlsbad Casino, or try sports activities in and around Carlsbad.


Spa and Wellness

The Hotel offers an extensive choice of treatments and relaxational programs on a space of over 3 500 m2. Guests who come for medical diagnostic programs and medical assistance for weight loss are in the very best and professional hands. Various health and cure treatments are provided by the Medical Spa Gallery. Four specialized Doctors work in the Hotel to ensure a daily treatment to our guests.

The unique treatment complex takes advantage of the traditional procedures as well as of the natural mineral water treatments. The tradition of Karlovy Vary spa cures in Balneology Centers uses the best technological equipment. The professional team assists the guests dealing with daily stress symptoms, diverse diseases, digestive and locomotor system illnesses, diabetes mellitus, glands and upper airway diseases. A wide selection is offered including spa treatments and modern procedures to improve the state of health.

Since 2014, we are proud to present our new Spa Suites, in which new treatment approaches are offered. In addition to classical treatments, which are continued  to be offered, guests can enjoy treatments at the Spa Suites with a massage area, an area to relax, a bathroom, the comfortable luxury in a relaxed atmosphere. The advantages: During treatments guests receive maximum individual attention and privacy and do not need to change the premises for various treatments .

Where could body and mind relax better and unwind, than in the wellness area with its saunas, indoor pool, including a mineral water basin, with its anatomical beds and the relaxation room with heated water beds?


Carlsbad Clinic

The Carlsbad Clinic is an independent luxury medical and wellness center, directly adjacent to the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel. The range of the clinic services is exceptionally wide. After reviewing your state of health using our own laboratory and the diagnostic services of specialized doctors, we can recommend a wide variety of treatment methods. You can use the services of whole-body cryotherapy, traditional and Thai massages, treatment with natural French and Japanese cosmetics for women and men, moor bath or intestinal lavage. We can also help in more extensive ways. We possess a modern operating room, where our professional team makes corrective improvements to your body using out-patient surgical methods.




Hotel Carlsbad Plaza

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