German Heart Centre Munich


Welcome to the German Heart Centre Munich

The German Heart Centre Munich has gone down in history as a paragon for the consolidation of state of the art medical treatment of cardiovascular diseases at one centralised location. Since its foundation in 1972/73 as the first heart centre in Europe, it has served as a model for other institutions numerous times.

The new medical concept of treating patients of all ages with all types of cardiovascular disease at one facility has gained acceptance and has been applied to other areas of medicine.

The guiding principle of the hospital is to consolidate at one location the various medical branches required for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disorders, thus providing optimal patient care through constant close interdisciplinary cooperation.


The hospital thus unites the following departments and institutes:

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Department of Cardiovascular Diseases
Department of Paediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects

Institute of Anaesthesiology
Institute of Laboratory Medicine
Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

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International Department

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