Dr. med. Harry Tschebiner

Gynaecological consultation:

  • Cancer Screening Up to date
  • Gynecological Ultrasound assessment of uterus and ovaries
  • Own cytologic laboratory (PAP-Smear, THINPREP, HPV-Test and others)
  • Pregnancy-Care including First-Trimester-Screening (fetal neck-measurement and blood-test)
  • State-of-the-Art-Ultrasound including Color-Doppler and 3D/4D-Sonography (CD with photos and movies of your baby on request)


Preventive Medicine:
Consultation hours also for men!

  • Hormone Check up (Menopause, Hormonal disorders, Reduced Vigilance, Burnout)
  • Osteoporosis-Check up (Lunar Achilles)
  • Arteriosclerosis-Check up (Ultrasound of Neck arteries – IMT)
  • Blood-Check up (General Screening, Hormones, Tumor Markers)
  • Prevention management for Osteoporosis, Heart attack, Stroke and Diabetes mellitus


Wrinkle Management for Facial Skin Rejuvenation:

  • Wrinkle Relaxers (Botox) and Wrinkle Fillers (Hyaluronic-Acid)


– Fresher, more youthful appearance
– Reduced Wrinkles and creases
– Removes crows-feet, smiling-, frown- and laughing-lines
– Combined with Wrinkle Filler to achieve a Liquid Facelift

Consulting hours on appointment only – No waiting!
Cooperation with leading hospitals and specialists of all medical

– Car park for our patients


Gynaecology & Preventive Medicine
Dr. med. Harry Tschebiner
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