Dr. med. dent. Peter Seehofer

Dr. Peter Seehofer is a practicing dentist and proprietor of dental aestetics.
After he completed his exams and his doctorate as a dentist at the University of Freiburg in 1984, he was able to accumulate experiences in the various fields of dentistry and dental aesthetics as a practicing dentist. With the focus on the future the PhD dentist acquired expertise and knowledge from seminars and advanced training as well as globally recognised capacities.


International masters such as:

Prof. Gutowski (GER), Prof. Tanaka (USA), Prof. Vanini (I),
Prof. Dragoo (USA), Prof. Lang (SUI ) und Prof. Buhmann (GER)
stand for the most modern processes and methods of dental surgery,
dentistry and dental aesthetics.The sum total of the expertise and
experience gained in this contest serve only one purpose:
The claim to modern dental aesthetics:

Dr. Seehofer has been practicing in the following special fields for many years:

  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Peridontology
  • Mikroinvasive Surgery
  • Functional/structural analysis of mandibular joints
  • Rootcanal treatment
  • Bleaching
  • Laser treatments




Orthodontics, lingual braces

Dr. med. dent. Gabriele Gündel
Specialist in Orthodontics
MSc Lingual Orthodontics


Surgery and Implantology

Dr. Thilo Damaskos, Doctor and dentist


Dentistry for Children and Youth

Dr. med. dent. Katja Trixner

Weisses Wunder

Bleaching, Wellness, Spa and more.

Contour Concept

Permanent Make-up, Microlifting, Collagen firming treatments.


Dr. med. dent. Peter Seehofer
Widenmayerstrasse 7
80538 Munich

T:  +49 89 – 29 88 88
F:  +49 89 – 22 08 65

E-Mail: rezeption@dr-seehofer.de
Website: www.dr-seehofer.de
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