Clinic for a plastic and cosmetic surgery – proaesthetic



Since 20 years, the top address for Beauty in Heidelberg

Since 1993, the Private Hospital proaesthetic is located at the renowned healthcare site Heidelberg. Overlooking the Neckar, Castle and Old Town, proaesthetic gives as a Private Hospital a real feel-good factor in a beautiful ambience and with modern comfort.

Personal care

With over 40 000 treatments and interventiones performed, proaesthetic is one of the top hospitals in Germany and is a member of all the leading medical associations. 26 employees, in particular physicians, nursing and technical staff, personally take care and as a principle of our physicians, they perform all the surgeries advised themselves. All surgeons are exclusevly spezialized doctors in surgery and plastic surgery and they are always on the cutting edge of applied surgical techniques.

Modern equipment

The Heidelberg Hospital proaesthetic offers the full range of cosmetic and plastic surgery such as breast correction, liposuction, facelift, nose and throat corrections, treatment of wrinkles and hair grafting.
Our services are completed by our cooperation partner Center for Dental Aesthetics and implantology, which offer professional teeth cleaning and whitening.
Whether inpatient or outpatient treatment, the Heidelberg Hospital proaesthetic offers the most advanced medical facilities and a luxurious ambience.
Comfortable patient’s room in an upscale hotel standard and personal service create a well-being atmosphere. We also provide non-binding counseling sessions and on request also revealed financing options.



Heidelberger Klinik für plastische
und kosmetische Chirurgie
proaesthetic GmbH

Brückenkopfstraße 1-2
D-69120 Heidelberg

Telefon: 06221 6461-0
Telefax: 06221 6460-20