Range of services

Good Health is far more than being free of disease – health is about the all-round physical and mental well-being.

To regain health – or prevent diseases – good medical care is considered a prerequisite.

An overview of our patient’s services:

  • Initial interview with the patient: via telephone, written or personal through the center in Germany or any of our offices in Germany or abroad, to evaluate
    health complaints of the patient and any other wishes.
  • If available, check the current medical report of the patient.
  • If not available, determine an appointment for diagnosis and/or an initial examination (if required).
  • Forward the medical report to the accordingly specialized hospitals with a request of estimation for the costs – as well as suggestion of an appointment.
  • Coordination of schedule and agreement on all relevant examinations.
  • Complete organization of the trip, including booking of the flight, residence and visa issuance.
  • Organizing transfers within Germany: transfer from and to the airport, transport to the appointments in the hospital; to the hotels, etc.
  • Translation service during all appointments and examinations provided by coworkers that are highly qualified in the native language of the patient.
  • All cultural, religious and mental needs of the patient will be considered and respected.
  • Organizing a professional rehabilitation program if needed.
  • Translating the final medical report to the native language of the patient.
  • Ensure the continuous care in the home country of the patient: open questions after the therapy can be answered anytime to give the patient the sense of security even at home.

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