ECHT Congress

ECHT – European Congress on Health Tourism.

The 1st ECHT Congress – European Congress on Health Tourism – took place in April 2008 in Munich (photo by Congress 2008). Here met in Munich, under the auspices of major German and Arab politicians, the main decision-makers and providers.
The international health tourism markets are facing new challenges every year. Health tourism is one of the most innovative and fastest-advancing economic activities in our time. For this reason, Europe Health real Congress has launched in order to encourage more targeted discussions.

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The 2. ECHT Congress – European Congress on Health Tourism  took place in Budapest in 2009.

The 2nd ECHT Congress was organized by Europe Health and its CEO, Salah Atamna 2009 in Budapest.
266 participants representet 28 countries .
The conference part of the congress included keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and Arena” sessions.
An amazing 102 presentation (by 81 presenter) were squeezed into this busting 3-day event.
The congress focused on the Medical, Dental, Spa and Wellness segments of Health Tourism.

The goals of the 2009 event are:

– Analyzing Health Tourism Markets
– Enabling Health Care Providers
– Planning Future Health Systems
– Investing in Health Structures
– Generating New Solutions
– Promotion and Marketing Medical Travel
– Contractin Strategic Cooperations

The international Health Tourism Markets are facing every year new challenges. Health Tourism is one of the most innovative and fastest progressing business sector in our time. There have been several important congresses in 2008 and the developments are still going. Consolidation however is one thing you can only do, if you know exactly who is who. This is why we offer and stimulate more focused discussions. The 2nd ECHT in 2009 will provide the ideal platform for that.


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In 2010, Europe Health organized with partners  in Kuwait, the Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference.
During the 3-day event was attended by over 200 delegates from 20 countries participated in the congress.

The Kuwait Medical Tourism Congress conference will focus on the networking among the stakeholders, high quality of medical services, and the investment opportunities in healthcare throughout the world. It will feature government officials, some of the world’s best brains in the field of medical tourism, international hospitals, medical insurance companies, medical tourism facilitators, and medical tourism companies among others.

This is the event where the service providers can understand the emerging trends in the globalization in healthcare services; identify their perspective customers; and market their services among the huge pool of cash-rich Kuwaiti consumers who are ready to spend millions on medical treatments.

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