M1 – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Child and adolescent psychiatry as well as psychotherapy, treat mental disorders and behavioral disorders that occur during childhood and adolescence. Besides physical illnesses, stress, problems in the family or in school as well as neurological disorders, there are a range of other reasons which can lead to serious stress for the psyche of adolescents and therefore make a visit to the doctor necessary.

Disease Patterns
We offer a wide-ranging qualified psychiatric treatment for all ICD-10 disorders. Among the disease patterns treated by us are: ADHD, autism as well as further developmental disorders, including the disorders of physically and mentally disabled children.

We also take care of further disease patterns such as learning disorders, affective disorders (depression, fears), obsessive-compulsive disorders, psychosomatic disorders and disorders in social behavior.

Examination Methods
Clinical psychiatric examination
Physical neurological examination and estimation of organic findings
Testpsychological basic examination (e.g. intelligence test)
Special diagnostics (e.g: Diagnostics of dyslexia, special diagnostics for developmental disorders)

Therapeutic Options
Our child and adolescent psychiatry is based on a multimodal treatment. Combined versions of therapy are possible, which are psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, pharmacologic and social psychiatric effective.
The psychotherapy offered by us, takes place depending on the current demand/indication, mainly depth psychology or behavior therapy. Besides that, we also use methods of family therapy, of autogenic training as well as further therapeutic directions.

Liliya Butenko

Child and adolescent psychiatry
Child and adolescent psychiatry


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