Augenlaserzentrum Vienna

Eye-laser with WoW effect

New in Austria:
In the eye-laser center, your eyes are treated with the revolutionary SmartSurf No-Touch technology.
With this revolution in the world, the Augenlaserzentrum in Vienna offers you an innovative eye laser treatment, which works without touching the eye.
It combines the advantages of non-contact Trans-PRK surface treatment with those of the innovative SmartPulse technology.
The result is clear vision – but without the possible side effects of other eye laser methods.
The non-contact eye laser correction is safe, gentle and stress-free



Dr. Jamal Atamniy


20 years of eye surgery

My name is Dr. Jamal Atamniy, I am a senior physician in the eye-laser center in Vienna and has been involved in eye surgery for over 20 years.
I opened the eye center in Vienna in 2000, which has now become one of the largest eye centers in Vienna. Due to the great demand and the constant advancement in laser surgery, I decided to open an eye-laser center. This allows us to offer our patients the latest laser technology.
My goal is that after the treatment my patients can look sharp again and can not give up any visual aid. We achieve this with a new process – the no-touch laser treatment.
A significant advantage of the eye laser used by us is the absolutely short treatment duration of less than 1 minute. This speed allows us to achieve an optimum of precision as well as a minimum treatment time for the patient.
We are very anxious to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible and are available both before, during and after the treatment at any time for you.


Jörgerstraße 10
1180 Vienna

Tel.:+43 (1) 402 86 61